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Worldwide Communities Against Tobacco (W.C.A.T.)
Provides information for people to take direct action against companies and the government from home.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Statistics and information on topics including tobacco use by state, Internet sales, secondhand smoke, and tobacco use by women.

Voices Against Tobacco
Offers a forum for sharing stories and memorials of victims of tobacco use.

Jeffrey Wigand.com
Features biography, news, and information regarding his nonprofit foundation Smoke-Free Kids.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Quit smoking with HypnoShop.coma€™s powerful self hypnosis session, available in both CD and MP3 download format.

Stay stopped quit smoking hypnosis download
Stay stopped with the Quit Smoking hypnosis download from Hypnosis Downloads.com

Be Your Own Therapist
by Thayer White MA MFT. Free read online. Valuable down-to-earth resource for facilitating your growth path into emotions, relationships, spirituality and behavior change.

The Pill Book 10th Edition : New and Revised
Information on over 1,500 drugs including side effects, usual dosages, and more.

A community for ex-smokers around the world, and a useful resource for people wishing to become one.

The Tobacco BBS
Includes many resources for smokers looking to quit.

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