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Simply Quit Smoking
Articles and guidance for people trying to quit smoking.

Smoke Free Movies
Shows how the U.S. film industry and Big Tobacco work together to create and entice new smokers.

Smoke Free Women Kick Butt
Information on issues concerning women and smoking, and recommendations on ways to quit.

Nonsmoker's worldwide guide to smokefree entertainment, travel, and dining.

Smoking is Ugly
Anti-smoking campaign created by Christy Turlington, supermodel and epmhysema victim. Includes resources on how to quit smoking.

Examines the tobacco industry, and features forums, chat, and other community resources, plus links to information about the effects of smoking, how to quit, and more.

Tobacco Control Online (TC Online)
Journal aims to study the nature and consequences of tobacco use worldwide, the effect of tobacco use on health, economy, environment, and society, and the efforts of health advocates to prevent and control tobacco use.

Tobacco Free
Key note speaker Patrick Reynolds, grandson of RJ Reynolds, is a nationally known tobacco free advocate.

WHO: Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)
Project created to focus international attention, resources, and action on the global tobacco pandemic.

World No Tobacco Day
Global event where smokers around the world unite to break free from their dependence on tobacco.

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