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Offers a variety of sources to help people stop smoking.

Giving Up Smoking
Facts, action plans, and help to assist in quitting smoking.

Irreversible Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking
Concise factual report that summarizes smoking-related risks that smokers and ex-smokers face. From the American Council on Science and Health; requires the free and downloadable Adobe Acrobat viewer.

Mary Quits
Follow Mary, a 26 year-old woman in the Washington area, as she attempts to quit smoking for good.

MD Anderson Cancer Center: Tobacco & Cancer
Includes the health effects of smoking and tobacco, with statistics, and support.

MedlinePlus: Smoking Cessation
News, articles from the National Institutes of Health, clinical trials, research, and more.

National Center for Health Statistics: Smoking
Features statistical information about cigarette smoking among Americans.

Web-based stop smoking program.

NicoNews Bureau
SmithKline Beecham's stop smoking news resource features quitting tips, an incentive program and related news. Media can register for entry to the Press Pass area.

Nicotine Dependence
Diagnostic criteria.

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