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Shows teenagers the consequences of smoking.

Resources to assist those who have a desire to quit smoking, including bulletin boards and articles about the effects of smoking and quitting.

AMA: The Known Health Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy
Presentation by Dr Sandra Hacker that gives an overview of the health effects of smoking during pregnancy.

American Cancer Society: Guide to Quitting Smoking
Information and advice about stopping smoking. From the American Cancer Society.

American Lung Association: Quit Smoking
Offers information on how to stop smoking plus news, reference articles, and more. From the American Lung Association.

Bob Quits
Web reality show from the American Legacy Foundation that follows a typical New York smoker and watches him stop smoking as an inspiration to others.

Home page of Own Your C, the youth tobacco prevention and cessation media campaign sponsored by The State Tobacco Education and Prevention, Colorado. Site offers chat forums, tobacco facts, and a personalized, confidential online program to help smokers q

California Smokers' Helpline
Offers resources to help people stop smoking; free registration required. Also includes hotline information for California residents.

CDC: Health Effects of Smoking Among Young People
Includes statistics on the effects of smoking among young people.

CDC: How to Quit Smoking
Collection of articles and brochures about smoking cessation.

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