It is a high performance health product. Disposable Cigarette Filter in the form of cigarette holder makes smoking safer or enables smoker to quit easier, if this option should have been chosen. It therefore allows individuals to secure their health for the lowest cost. Our Company is proud to offer you this revolutionary product, which could bring the answer to one of the bitterest modern problems, and prove as solution for a Healthier Nation.
The Nic-Out is a cigarette holder with mechanical filtering insert, which selectively absorbs from the smoke large molecules of the tar and other toxic and carcinogenic poly-nuclear aromatic compounds. The principle of action of the Nic-Out filter is based on the laws of behavior of gases in the jet engine and it was developed in a framework of space technologies. This mechanical device permits most low molecular weight species to pass through, although relatively lowering the amount of inhaled nicotine and thus diminishing cravings in those who want to quit.
Nic-Out filters for cigarette smoke cleansing are the Israeli development of 1999 (Patent Claim No. 151387). Overseas production facility supplies the filters made of plastic, designed and built to Nic-Out specifications. Our raw material is the same Grade-A plastic as commonly used for production of baby food bottles. The technology underlying the Nic-Out is patented in European Community and bears the Trade Mark registered in the United States.
Scientific and practical knowledge show that Nic-Out works effectively. It is made from transparent plastic and makes visible concentration of collected tar. This provides important psychological effect in order to build negative image of smoking consequences and to prevent further ruining of public health. Reduction of tar in cigarette smoke has also certain “cosmetic” action. The filter protects dental enamel from penetration of sticky tar, cease formation of a dental strike and helps to keep your smile snow-white. The immediate results of using the tiny device is the disappearance of the tormenting “morning cough” – usually a consequence of smoking over 15 cigarettes per day. After 2 weeks of using this filter the smokers are completely rid of the “morning cough”
Yes, you can buy Nic-Out filters for Regular size cigarettes as well as filters for Slim and Super Slim cigarettes. Please visit our store to see the variety of products.
This product is made of molded plastic in a form of Cigarette Holder and packaged in a convenient cigarette-type box of thirty (30) translucent Nic-Out filters per pack for Regular size cigarettes or 25 (twenty five) translucent filters for Slim and Super Slim cigarettes. There are 20 (twenty) packs in a carton and 36 cartons in a master case (total 720 packs).
Our Company (P.Service) is the exclusive proprietor of NIC-OUT cigarette filters. Currently major activities of the Company are concentrated on the goal of development healthier environment based on the most updated technologies and logistics.
Each Nic-Out filter is reusable and can be utilized with multiple cigarettes v usually 5 to 10 – until it completely filled up with the Tar.
The tar is staining liquid that forms from burning cigarettes and known as carcinogen. When it is inhaled, the human body cells are in danger. You would be shocked to see how much of poison trapped in Nic-Out filter instead of your lungs with each cigarette.
The plastic, which Nic-Out filters made of is the same kind as used in production of baby-food bottles. So, naturally, it is harmless to health, nontoxic and causes no allergy. Each Nic-Out filter is reusable and can be utilized with multiple cigarettes. It traps most of tar and some nicotine from the smoke. The transparent walls of the holder make it visible and very convincing.
People begin smoking cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Smoking has been portrayed as being heroic, cool and as enhancing sexual appeal. For some people, smoking also serves to soothe tension, anxiety, or loneliness. However, as is commonly known, cigarette smoke contains the addictive compound nicotine. Addiction to nicotine makes it very difficult for smokers to stop smoking cigarettes, even though many realize that smoking will adversely affect their health. The Nic-Out Filter is provided a method of making not just a safer smoking, but it creates the most adequate conditions for the smoker to start quitting. The lower level of Nicotine inhaled while using the Nic-Out lowers the cravings effect.
The most convincing result of Nic-Out utilization is relief of tormenting morning cough, experienced by the most aggressive smokers. No irritation in the lungs v no cough, since Nic-Out takes the tar out of smoke. It is so obvious, when the black substance is gradually collected after each cigarette and visualized through transparent walls of cigarette holder. Nic-Out Filter is extracting up to 90% of the Tar from cigarette smoke and substantially lowers the level of Nicotine. This fact is proved by testing at the prestigious ARISTA LABORATORIES located in the State of Virginia. Testing results show that smoking of Ultra Lights Marlboro with Nic-Out reduces the tar from 5.9 mg per cigarette to 0.12 mg per cigarette. Smoking regular Marlboro with Nic-Out brings the tar level down from 14.3 mg to 0.38 mg. Detailed Arista Lab-s Report may be presented on request of interested Parties.
The tobacco industry has attempted to alleviate the problems caused by poly-nuclear aromatics and cyanide by incorporating filters into cigarettes to remove these compounds when a smoker inhales. These filters are typically made of cellulose-based materials. The filters are effective in removing some of the toxic chemicals from tobacco smoke, but unfortunately a substantial amount still passes through the filter.
The Nic-Out creates the convenience of people of legal age who already smoke or are trying to cut down on smoking, or wish to have a better smoking experience. Nic-Out is capable to raise the quality of life with less health risks.
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This is an excellent Business Opportunity for the partners and associates of Nic-Out at the market for smoking accessories with harmless effect which increasing daily. Our company currently enjoys substantial profit margins. But this does not come at the expense of high prices for customers. They remain extremely competitive, and far superior to that of the conventional service.
This tiny device is the greatest thing to hit the market at the time of multi-million nation-wide anti-smoking campaigns. To see how good this background is, it is ample to look at the site . There are several direct competitive products exist on the market today similar to the Nic-Out. Other companies are targeting customers in the sphere of tobacco related goods offering more sophisticated inventions, sometimes difficult in maintenance. Some of our customers are familiar with various smoke filtering devices. These products include water filled filters, puncturing tools for making holes in the cigarettes in order to more intensively oxygenate the smoke, as well as additional filtering foams. Another area of indirect competition is the sale of “ready-to-use” water filtering devices Middle Eastern style. This has been the standard in the smoking ceremonies for long time. People go to stores and buy cigarettes off the rack. However, the resurgence of custom-made filters is a relatively recent phenomena. Thus Nic-Out foster customers interest by making smoking more comfortable and safe.

Depending on quality of tobacco you can use 1 filter with 3 to 5 cigarettes. Remember that each Nic-Out filter is disposable and can be used just limited number of times. Used filter cannot be cleaned. If you would use 1 filter with 3 cigarettes – 1 pack of filters can be sufficient for 4.5 packs of cigarettes. At the testing period for Nic-Out filters you can temporary feel some discomfort associated with draws and sensation of shortage of nicotine. However you will pass these inconveniences in several days. All of these inconveniences are incomparable with the advantages of the Nic-Out filters, namely:

  • Extraction of up to 90 % of harmful tars, while not changing the taste of a cigarette.
  • In 2 weeks smoker-s morning cough is eliminated.
  • Nic-Out protects the teeth enamel from a dark strike and unpleasant smell from a mouth.
  • Your valet is protected.
  • Nic-Out keeps your health and save the lives of your relatives
Yes, Nic-Out has a 100% RISK FREE guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our product, simply return it with a written request within 30 days and a full refund less shipping and handling will be issued promptly.

The best of all is to quit smoking.
The next best thing is to use Nic-Out.

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