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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,
Environment Analytical Laboratory (EAL),
Rotem Industrial Park, Mishor Yamin,
Israel 86800

Researches carried out by the American scientists for two types of cigarettes (one of which, Benson and Hedges Ultra Mild, characterized by high quality, and, Time Light, on the contrary - poor quality) have shown following results of application of filter Nic-Out.
Requirement Benson & Hedges
Ultra Mild
Time lights
Without "Nic-Out"With "Nic-Out" Without "Nic-Out"With "Nic-Out"
Total particulate Matter, mg/cigarette 7.40Not-Detected at detection limit 0.10 14.900.1
Water, mg/cigarette 0.32Not-Detected at detection limit 0.10 1,40Not-Detected at detection limit 0.10
Nicotine, mg/cigarette 0.53Not-Detected at detection limit 0.10 0.90Not-Detected at detection limit 0.10
Water and Nicotine Free condensate 6.60Not-Detected at detection limit 0.10 12.600.1

This analysis was conducted April 25, 2002.

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